The debut announcement finally made the papers!  It seems the 4 has been taken out of the name.

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関西ジャニーズJr. 春休みスペシャルコンサート2013 3: 重岡大毅


New film

「関西ジャニーズJr.の京都太秦行進曲! 」


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少年たち 2012 7WEST interview

少年たち 2012 7WEST


Kami-chan looks weird >.<

Kami-chan always looks weird. This is why I can’t help but laugh whenever I see him.

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KanJu 春休み special concert 2012 photo set 3

Time for 翼よ!あれが恋の灯だ
It&#8217;s already hilarious.
And Kami-chan hasn&#8217;t even shown up yet.

Time for 翼よ!あれが恋の灯だ

It’s already hilarious.

And Kami-chan hasn’t even shown up yet.

A slightly random collection of KanJu photos I picked up recently.

This is exactly like the class I teach at kindergarten.  Except the kids are shorter.

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